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Team of Experts


Systematic has a team of expert designers and installers, with problem-solving skills beyond the ordinary. They will work in tandem to bring your vision to concrete reality.

Dennis Poldnev


Dennis acquired ownership of Systematic on 2010. As president, Dennis oversees business operations and office administration.


Tel.: (310) 929-2100  

Jeff Cooper 

Operation Manager


Jeff joined the Systematic installation team in February 2015 as head of our Audio-Video department. Promoted to Operations Manager in 2016, he oversees system design, installation and sales, and handles the administration side of the business.


Tel.: (310) 929-2100

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Chris Hamilton 

Audio/Video Specialist

Chris got his start as a pre-wiring electrician during the housing boom, then moved into sales and design of high-end stereophonic and surround systems. He took Jeff’s

place as head of the AV department in 2013 so Jeff could head general operations.


Tel.: (310) 929-2100

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Blake Knutson 

Security and Surveillance


Blake has been a security and surveillance specialist for

many years, starting as an installer and working his way up to system design and whole-property integration. He is now a project manager, highly skilled in every facet of the security and surveillance arena.


Tel.: (310) 929-2100

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Scott Malles 

Smart Tech, Climate and Lighting Control


Scott started off as an installer for Smart

Technology, then got involved in system design and sales. He is highly capable as a project manager for

smart control systems.


Tel.: (310) 929-2100

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Dave Reeder

Networking Specialist


Dave R., with many years in the technology field, joined Networking Specialists as Sales Manager in 2004. With this longevity in the technology industry, he holds numerous technical certifications.


Tel.: (310) 929-2100

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